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Where was Atlantis? If Plato knows, then he will tell!

After thousands of years, so many of us still search for the answer to the mystery of Atlantis. From time to time, archaeologists and historians locate evidence. There have been many locations proposed for the location of Atlantis. Ever since the first recorded history of Atlantis, written by the Greek philosopher Plato over 2,300 years ago, debate has raged as to whether or not Atlantis ever really existed.

The existence of Atlantis is supported by the fact that it is described in great details by Plato. In additions, various conditions, events and goods unknown to Plato are also described in detailed and lengthy words as context clues. The recent knowledge of late glacial and postglacial sea level rise and land subsidence that occurred almost precisely at the time described by Plato also becomes strong evidence to the truth of the story.

Plato describes the Atlantis from point of views of geography, climate, plain layout, city layout, river and channel hydraulics, produces, social structure, customs, mythology and its destruction in details including their dimensions and orientations. These become the subjects of the author to hypothesize that the lost city of Atlantis is in Java Sea, as written in a book Atlantis: The lost city is in Java Sea, published in April 2015. The works include over 5-year research and analysis of textbooks, papers, internet sites and digital data collected by the author as well as some site observations. These resulted in accurate evidence to the hypothesis that the story fits the location in question.

The author has made a serious effort to match Plato’s narrative with his chosen location for Atlantis, namely off the southern coast of the island of Kalimantan in the Java Sea. He also uses his professional expertise to analyse Plato’s many references to the waterways of the Atlantis capital and its extensive plain. He commendably draws attention to the remarkable water transportation and irrigation system in Central Kalimantan. He also includes a number of maps used to support his views.

He found a lot more detailed converging evidence in consilience, summarized in a 60-bullet checklist of agreements between Plato’s Atlantis and Sundaland/Java Sea localization, as proofs that his theory is the most complete and accurate until today.

The author used scientific method in the research with the following steps.

  1. Primary source interpretation
  2. Context clues identification
  3. Multi-disciplinary approach
  4. Screening analysis
  5. Consilience
  6. Scientific hypothesis to theory
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Book summary

60 converging evidence


Books by Dhani Irwanto

Atlantis: The Lost City is in Java Sea (2015)
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Atlantis: Kota yang Hilang Ada di Laut Jawa (2016)

Sundaland: Tracing the Cradle of Civilizations (2019)
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Land of Punt: In Search of the Divine Land of the Egyptians (2019)
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Taprobana: Classical Knowledge of an Island in the Opposite-Earth (2019)
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